Recommended Products

Lists of Recommended Products

   As a specialized manufacturer and supplier for spare parts of public payphone    
   in  the world, we can produce or supply more than 60 models products as follows;

1, IPM Payphone Series
    Handset of Rotor 2000 Series                              Handset of Rotor Combi/Cardphone
    Handset of IPM Trilogy Series                               Handset of Rotor 1 Plus
    Handset of IPM Ambo Series                                Display of Rotor 2000 Series
    Display of Rotor Combi/Cardphone                    Display of Rotor I Plus Series
    Display of IPM Ambo Series                                  Keypad of Rotor 2000 Series
    Keypad of Rotor Combi/Cardphone                    Keypad of Rotor 1 Plus Series
    Keypad of Rotor Ambo Series                              Keypad Rubber of Rotor 1 Plus
    Keypad Rubber of Rotor Combi/Cardphone     Keypad Ruber of IPM Ambo Series 
    Keypad Rubber of Rotor 2000 Series                 Keypad PCB of IPM Ambo Series
    Keypad PCB of Rotor 2000 Series   
    Keypad PCB of Rotor Combi/Cardphone                                  
    Cradle/Hanger of Rotor 2000 Series
    Cradle/Hanger of IPM Trilogy Series
    Modified Handset & Cradle of IPM Trilogy Series
    Modified Handset & Cradle of Rotor 2000 Series

2, GPT(Marconi) Payphone Series
     Handset of GPT Sapphire Series                        Handset of GPT Topaz Series
     Handset of Neptune 200/400 Series                  Handset of Neptune 800/1000
     Display of GPT Sapphire Series                          Display of GPT Topaz Series        
     Display of Neptune 200/400 Series                    Card Reader of GPT Sapphire
     Keypad Rubber of GPT Sapphire Series           Keypad Rubber of GPT Topaz Series
     Keypad Rubber of Neptune 200/400                  Keypad PCB of GPT Topaz Series
     Mainboard of GPT Sapphire Series                    Display Cover of GPT Sapphire     
     DC Motor of GPT Coin Management Module(CMM)
     DC Motor of Orbit Coin Management Module(CMM)

3, Urmet Payphone Series
     Display of Urmet with backlight Series              Display of Urmet without backlight
     Keypad of Urmet PLR4 Series                            Keypad of Urmet Plurima Series 
     Keypad Rubber of Plurima & PLR4                    Keypad Rubber of Urmet Color
     Keypad PCB of Urmet Plurima & PLR4             Keypad PCB of Urmet  Color
     Modified Handset of Urmet Series

4, Function Payphone Series
     Handset of Function Series
5,TATUNG Payphone Series
     Handset of TATUNG Series                                  Keypad of TATUNG Series
     Keypad Rubber of TATUNG Series                     Keypad PCB of TATUNG Series

6, Guanri Payphone Series
     Handset of Guanri T8 Series         

7, Access Payphone Series
     Handset of Access Series                                    Keypad of Access Series

8, Others
     Wire and Clip of Line Test Set                              Wall-Mounted Public Phone Booth
     Digital Timer Switch(12V DC/AC)