Handset Series
  • A complete handset can be designed and produced according to different customer's requirements and specifications. Meanwhile, all handsets' quality is controlled strictly during material purchasing, producing procedure and packing procedure, which is executed by a series of accurate inspection instruments.

Main Characteristics
  • Its handle is manufactured by high intensity PC material. It has strong anti-destruction capability;
  • It can't be removed without special tool with strong anti-destructive power. The handle tensile strength>200kg Metal rotation tube employs stainless steel. It has fine elasticity, flexibility and tensile performances;
  • Good flame retardant performance; Comfortable hand feeling;
  • Its sender & receiver employ quality import famous brand product;
  • To make sure the communication transmission characteristic of matching phone machine complies with the requirement of different model payphone;
  • It employs high intensity stainless steel wire lever with PE protective layer; High strong tight wire;
  • High-Fidelity telephone transmitter and receiver, Fixing set connected card cage; Some model handset is built-in magnet pipe or dry reed pipe;

Customer's Selection
  • Each handset is designed with basic make-up, also with selective chance as following;
  • The color of plastic case: Red, Blue and Black etc,. The color shade of plastic case: light and sub-light;
  • The length of metal hose80-85 cm can be added or subtracted. Diameter φ8.0, φ8.4 etc;
  • For the connector type, users can either choose from the listed Connectors Series or specify additionally.
  • For the fixing type, users also can either choose from the listed fixing series or specify additionally.